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My Plans In The Future

Hello! I'm going to share with you guys about my plans in the future. Right now, it's the middle of August and the holiday still far away. But, I have some plans in my mind for the future.

Yesterday, my friends asked me about my holiday's plans and our conversation goes like this.
Aditya: Hi, Arya! How are things with you?
Arya  : I'm pretty good, thanks. How about you?
Aditya: I'm feeling great. By the way, do you have any plans for the holiday?
Arya  : Which holiday?
Aditya: This new year holiday.
Arya  : Yes I do. Perhaps I'm going to travel around Europe with my big family.
Aditya: What a nice plan! When are you going to Europe?
Arya  : My family has planned that we are going to Europe on December 25th.
Aditya: Wow! Are you going to Europe on Christmas?
Arya  : Yes. Because I want to see snow falling phenomenon.
Aditya: What a bombastic plan!
Arya  : how about you?
Aditya: I'm going to Makkah with my family to do a Umroh.
Arya  : Oh.
Aditya: What a nice…
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My Blissful Moment

Hello! I'm going to tell my experience about my blissful moment. It was an unforgettable moment for my life. It happened when I was 11 years old. I was on elementary school.

It was Monday, I woke up in the morning and then I prepared to go to the school. I took a bath, dressed for the school, and ate my breakfast. My family was doing the same. My sister and I was on the same school that day, Taruna Bakti Elementary School. I was on fifth grade, and my sister was on sixth grade ready to graduate to junior high school. Well, today is different. Now I'm at SMAN 3 and my sister is at SMAN 2. Back to that day, I was ready to go to the school but I had to wait for my family to prepare. So, my mother told me to warm up my car while I wait for her to dress up. Feeling sleepy, I took my bag, went to the garage, and I got into the car barefooted just because I was lazy. I warmed up the car and tuned up the radio. While I listened to the music, I can't stay awake and I went


My New Friend

I'm going to tell my experience about meeting my new friend, Rizha. I met him on my second  day of School Orientation Day. I was in Group 6 and he was in Group 3. Our group met in  a hallway at lunch time. His group just came from the canteen. We had a conversation that goes  like this.
Arya : Hi what is your name? Rizha: I'm Rizha, what's your name? Arya : I'm Arya. I'm from Taruna Bakti Junior High School. Where do you come from? Rizha: I came from SMPN 40 in Wastu Kencana. Are you going to the canteen Arya? Arya : Oh yes, I'm going to buy some food. I'm really starving now. Are you just came from            canteen? How's the food in there? Rizha: It was nice, I bought chicken noodles for just Rp 8000. I haven't tried every food and            drinks in the canteen, but they all seem nice. You should try the chicken noodles. It is            currently my favorite food in here. Arya : Oh I will then. How about the drinks? Rizha: I did not b…

It's All About Me

My name is Arya. I was born in Bandung on 16th August 2001. I'm 15 years old. My hobby is playing guitar, playing football, and drawing. I'm  a moslem. Currently, I'm studying at SMAN 3 Bandung. My previous school was Taruna Bakti. My favorite subject is Science. I wish I could continue my study to ITB because ITB  is the best university in Indonesia in my opinion. Someday, I want to become a chemical engineer and work on a big multinational company. In my free time, I like playing guitar or drawing. Sometimes, in my free time I listen to music, any kind of music or read books such as novel, comics, etc.  I like to watch movies too. Usually,  I watch movies in cinema with my family or with my friends. Sometimes I watch movies at home.
     On holiday, sometimes my family and I go travelling. We like travel abroad. My favorite trip is when I went to Australia with my sister and my friends. We went by plane and stay for about a week. Sometimes, I just stay at home for …